The Truth About Proprietary Blends

The Truth About Proprietary Blends
If you went through the supermarket and all the labels said ‘contains nutritional components’ without telling you exactly what the protein, carbohydrate and fat contents were, you’d put that product down wouldn’t you?

So, why do people allow it with their protein powders? If you see the term ‘proprietary blend’, what that essentially means is ‘We don’t want you to know what’s in here’. 

A proprietary blend is a list of ingredients in brackets in a nutritional label after the name of the blend. So it might read: “Super Greens Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Soy Protein, Spirulina, Wheat and Spelt)”. Those are all the ingredients in the blend, but you have no idea the actual amounts of each ingredient.

So, why would supplement or protein powder companies do this?

  1. As a marketing tactic; ‘Super Ripped Protein Mix’ or ‘Diva Weight Loss Protein Blend’ (I just made those up, but you can bet they exist!) sounds a lot more appealing than ‘90% subpar protein powder mixed with 10% of a good protein powder and a topical ingredient recently seen on Dr Oz’.
    If you are new to protein supplementation and unsure what a label means, it is natural to pick up the one on the shelf with words like these on the front, or without even realising it; the one that a Kardashian was paid a lot of money to put in their social media feed last week!

  2. To increase the perceived value of a product; Protein blends regularly contain a significant portion of the cheaper and/or less effective ingredients. But of course, you can expect to pay more for a ‘specially formulated blend.’

  3. To protect their formula from competitors and copycats, this is a good reason, but most companies will hide behind this as their incentive.


So, why don't Boomers do blends?

The words honesty and integrity come to mind. Boomers have nothing to hide (literally) and no need to protect a ‘special formula’ because we find that these really aren’t necessary if the actual product is premium quality. In most cases, bells and whistles are there just to increase the price.

We are much more of a supplement research company rather than a supplement formulation company. We are only on the lookout for trustworthy, high-quality manufacturers across the world and from them, select only the best products for Boomer’s customers. We believe we know how to find supplements that are proven to work.

Don’t tell anyone, actually you can tell anyone you like because we’re not hiding, but we simply source and then buy only the best protein powders or supplements, put them in a high quality convenient sized pack and leave out everything that is not actually needed. In this way, production costs are kept low and the end product is as flexible as possible for our customers to use.

This approach has served our customers well for more than 20 years, because it actually works!

Give a fish or teach how to fish?

Our goal is to pass on evidence-based information to teach people about what they actually need, how this will help and how much/how often to take their supplements.

Take home message…

Boomers Protein is here ‘for the long haul’ and is not interested in playing the buzzword game. We’re happy to patiently watch other supplement companies come and go and to chase down the latest trends.

Our premium quality products are 100% of that product in the bag, not a combination or a blend of products and nothing is added.

Boomers is the oldest protein powder company in Australia and we want our customers to come back to us because of what we do and why we do it. We are proud to say that we have never wavered from our mission and our integrity as a company.

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