Boomers Bariatric Recipes

Georgia Bixley from Upper GI West explains some tips and tricks on using Boomers Protein to get more protein into your diet. See her top 5 high protein recipes below where she explains that do’s and don’ts of using protein powder in your cooking.

Why Dietitian’s Recommend Our Range To Their Patients

Georgia explains why Dietitian’s at Upper GI West recommend Boomers Protein to patients at their clinic.

How to Mix Boomers into Hot Drinks - 30sec

"When I first tried Boomers I tried to pour boiling water onto the powder and found out that protein powders and boiling water do not mix"

How to Make Protein Cordial - 90sec

"These are commercially available but making your own protein water is much cheaper and allows you to choose your own flavours"

How to Make Protein Jelly - 120sec

"One simple way to get more protein into your diet is to make a protein jelly as a snack or dessert"

How to Make Protein Milk - 45sec

"You can make up this protein milk in the morning and use it over the day to help increase your daily protein"

How to Make Protein Yoghurt - 60sec

"Use your favourite yoghurt and Boomers Protein product to make a high protein breakfast or dessert"

How to Make Protein Cream - 60sec

"Fold Boomers into your favourite sour cream and use in your favourite soups, curries or as a vegetable dip"