How much Boomers protein should I take?

How much Boomers protein should I take?

Do you have questions like “How much Boomers protein should I take?

...“Do I take it in the morning or at night?”, or 

“Should I take it before or after training?

This article is a brief explanation that may answer your questions...

First thing to know is that these are all (in a sense) bad questions because you are considering protein supplements in isolation. But we are human, we don’t eat in isolation, we eat a variety of food in our diet; so it is better to consider how Boomers protein fits in your whole diet. So instead of asking how much protein should I take and when should I take it, a better question to ask is "How much Boomers protein do I need in my day to reach adequate protein consumption?"

...Then take it whenever you feel like it!

As you can probably guess, there is no perfect answer or equation that works perfectly for everyone. If you are looking for a recommendation for protein intake for individuals trying to put on muscle size or assist training - take a look at here. For individuals trying to lose weight, take a look at Helms, 2014. As a general guide (because we are all different), we recommend a typical intake of 1.5grams of protein/kg of bodyweight for leaner individuals and around 1gram/kg of bodyweight for larger individuals. As is stated in this article, individuals who aren’t as lean can throw off these calculations.

It is important to note a few things before jumping into an extra 4 scoops of protein powder a day!

  1. If your goals are weight loss and you are at a caloric intake which is working, remember, if your are increasing your protein intake, make sure something else is going down! Getting more of your calories from protein is a great idea though as this study shows - The benefits of the satiated feeling (feeling full after eating) that protein vs carbohydrates produces, is very beneficial to weight loss in the long-term.
  2. Remember, the above is a general, baseline figure, it has been shown that intakes up to ranges of 2.5grams of protein/kg of bodyweight are fine providing you have healthy, normally functioning kidneys (Poortmans, 2000). The higher your overall daily intake of protein, and the more exercise you do in a day, will increase the amount you need. We are not saying that every individual should shoot for 2.5grams/kg bodyweight - Keep in mind that it is quite difficult to over eat protein, plus both steak and protein shakes are delicious!
  3. If you are trying to figure out how much protein you currently take in your diet, websites such as are a great tool. Track your intake for a week and you will get a good idea, and therefore how much protein you need to supplement from there.

If you have any further questions or would like clarification on what is likely your ideal protein intake, please contact us - we are always happy to help our awesome Boomers customers!

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Ruth Lizana 25 February 2019

I am 5 days post OP bariatric surgery.
I purchased a sample pack which has the flavourless protein powder. I want know how many grams of protein us in one TEASPOON PLEASE.

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