Getting to Know: Hayden "H Bomb" Wright

Getting to Know: Hayden "H Bomb" Wright

Hayden or 'H-Bomb', as he’s known, has a national boxing career that’s already earned him a heavyweight title, but behind the scenes, he’s also spent over 8 years as a social worker with Activ Foundation.

Wright helps disabled clients build self confidence by bringing them in to his gym to train with a boxing pro.

We recently chatted to positive and proud Boomers advocate Hayden Wright.

Here he shares some insights into his mentality, diet, health tips and just his general passion for living:


Why is staying healthy so important to you?

My health is very important to me. As a professional boxer & father of 3 kids under 4, it’s vital that I’m in my best possible condition to enable me to compete & train at my best. As well as keep up with my kids. I also like to set an example to kids I train in my gym at Yangebup Boxing Gym.


What does your ideal day consist of?

Wake up at 4.30 am for some light cardio
Get my kids ready for school
Leave the house by 6.30am drop them off at school. I then head to work , I work for Activ Foundation: Kids & Adults living with disabilities. Home by 6pm run a kids boxing class or do a PT for some clients. Squeeze in a boxing workout for myself then dinner & bed by 8pm

Tell us about your ideal day on a plate…

Morning coffee is a must!
Boomers shake & banana for breakfast
Light lunch tuna on rice crackers
Dinner is really anything, but I love chilli grilled chicken breast!


What are 5 essentials for your pantry?

Rice, chilli, soda water and Boomers Protein

How and when did you first become interested in protein as part of your health and fitness - what was your journey?

To be honest, I know very little about protein & nutrition, just the basics. I have a friend Dr Nikki Cummings who specialises in Nutrition & has worked with Athletes so I follow a meal plan & get advice from Nikki, she's the one that turned me onto Boomers.

What’s your favourite exercise?

I love boxing of course, especially sparing. I have been in training camps with heavy weight world champion Lucas Browne & a few Australian champions as well.

What are the benefits of adding protein to your diet for you?

Overall Heath & nutrition giving my body what it needs & assist me  in recovery & repair. 

Thank you to Hayden for taking the time to share his health journey and tips with us. If you know of any youth's around Yangebup who may be interested in taking up boxing, you can catch up with Hayden by checking out his gym

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