Getting to Know: Craig Smith

Getting to Know: Craig Smith
Craig Smith is a former professional rugby league player from the 1990s.

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Craig played in the NRL with 3 different clubs from 1998-1999, culminating in winning the 1999 Grand Final with Melbourne Storm.

Now living in Perth, Craig performs health assessments with Inbody Body Composition Analysers. He is a high-end personal trainer with a continued love of all things health and fitness.

We spoke to Craig who revealed all his healthy secrets, and why he loves Boomers Protein so much.

Why is staying healthy so important to you?
This isn’t a dress rehearsal so look after what you have to live for as long as you can!

What does your ideal day consist of?
Training, work, training family and a glass of Red.

Tell us about your ideal day on a plate…
Grass fed meat with 5 of the brightest veggies I can source x 2

What are 5 essentials for your pantry?
Truss tomatoes, Truffle oil, Murray River salt flakes, Keto//OS and, of course, Boomers.

How and when did you first become interested in protein as part of your health and fitness - what was your journey?
As a professional athlete in the early 90’s it was given to me immediately post workout up to 4 sessions a day, so it’s ingrained in me. Proud to say I know quite a few gyms in Perth that are now shaking up straight after their workout that weren’t before.

What’s your favourite exercise?
Body weight HiiT training for maintenance.

What are the benefits of adding protein to your diet for you?The most important part of staying in fat burning mode is to maintain or build lean muscle mass, which Boomers add ins aid to perfectly.

What are some everyday ways you add protein to your diet?
I eat twice a day rotating all of my meat proteins and vegetables. I use Boomers primarily as a recovery tool post workout or if I have a big day at work.

What are your tips and advice for those thinking of taking Boomers Protein?
Get some yesterday!

What are your top three workout tunes?
Anything from Ministry of Sound.

What are your goals/fitness goals for this year?
Same as every year; stay as fit and healthy as I can to inspire my kids to lead a healthy lifestyle around sport.

If you could give your younger self a piece of advice about protein what would it be and why?
Have it as soon as you can collect your breath post workout, 10 to 30 minutes after training, chatting, driving home or to work is catabolic heaven. I have had over 500 thankyou's from recommending Boomers protein and closing that window to “now”. It reflected in scan results within 3 weeks after minimal change. All we did was change to Boomers and have it straight away!

What keeps you motivated?

What is your greatest achievement to date?
Both my amazing children, Isabella and Jack.

What are the most important lessons you’ve learnt along the way?
You are never too qualified, experienced or old to learn!

What do you feel is the biggest nutrition blunders you’ve experienced?
Carb loading to excess the night before a game.

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What are your tips for staying fit and healthy on the go?Prepare and repair, that’s applicable to the athlete you are or lifestyle you are living now. Living where we used to be or want to go causes frustration and stress we don’t need.

Can you share your favourite Boomers product or recipe with us?
Definitely the pizza in the Boomers Recipe Book 1!

Thanks Craig for catching up with us! 


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